How to claim your discounts and benefits.

On payment of your annual subscription, you will be sent a membership card bearing a unique membership number and your chosen user name. When making purchases through the Libidex website, you will be asked to enter four digits chosen at random from your membership number and your user name, and your discounts will be calculated automatically and your bonus points credited to your account. If you’re buying in person at the Libidex boutique Liberation, all you need to do is to show your membership card.


What are the rules?

We don’t have many rules for the Club, but we do want to make sure everyone gets treated fairly, so please take a look at our Terms & Conditions before joining.  Purchases made from Libidex Ltd or its shop Liberation are also governed by the company’s general Terms & Conditions of business which can be viewed here.


To see a full list of benefits for each membership category, please click here.

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